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    Got my gear.. when does gyno set in

    I got my cycle at last fellas. I recently talking to a bodybuilder in my gym and he said that I should not take nolva until i feel sensitivity in my nipples because you want to have a certain level of estrogen in your blood, it will help me grow bigger,faster.. and to not use the nolva unless i need it becuz im only runnin 500mg a week. But then again this dude says he's used to 1600 and 1800 a week back in his "day." Any thoughts on this. So i was also wondering if i started now without the nolva and just used my liquidex at .25 per day how long will it take for symptoms to set in and when should i really start looking for signs of gyno? I do know that I used to have tits when i was fat as a kid... and when i played ball I was 315 and now im a more cut up 220, not sure if im predisposed or nto? Any thoughts would be awesome. Thanks again fella's

    1st Ever Cycle weeks 1-10 500mg Test Enanth.
    weeks 1-10 .25 liquidex per day
    weeks 1-10 nolva??????????

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    If you are worried about gyno just take the nolv it wont affect you that much. In a way he is right though you probably wont need it and if your nipples get sore take it for sure.

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    should be fine with liquidex throughout cycle at .5mg ED and run it through with your PCT and include clomid with PCT

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