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    double-chin: steroid face or just fat?

    Hey guys,

    I recently came off a testosterone cycle; my last injection was two weeks ago. I don't shave very often, but I did over the weekend and I noticed I've got a double chin. Is this the "full-moon steroid face," or am I just fat? I think my BF is around 15%. I usually estimate based on fat on my abds: I've got very slight definition in my abs, more pronounced if I flex.

    So if this is the steroid face, how long until it goes away? If its not, well god ****, I better start running -- how soon after my three-week clomid therapy can I take up cardio for fat loss?

    Thanks in advance

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    my guess is it's high water retention and you're above 15% body fat. Actually calibrate it. Wait for after PCT, that should subside.

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    probably water, i think alot of people get it when real blown up, keep bf low thats why i usually cut before a bulking cycle so not to get fat when cals are real hihg

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