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    First Cycle! Help?!

    Hey everyone. I am 20 years old, 6' 275lbs with a lot of body fat. I used to lift every day for about a year and a half and was looking very good.

    I had lost all the weight I wanted and was seeing the results I was looking for. Then all my friends went to college and I had no one to go to the gym with and I got a desk job and school, so, I stopped working out. I gained all the weight back plus some and I am looking to change all that again.

    I am looking to transform my body in the next few months and lose alot of the excess fat. I currently have clenbuterol , equipoise , and winstrol depot. Can someone help me with a workout routine with these supplements? I'm not sure if some workout routines will work better than others. Also, stacking. How much and how often? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

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    There is no substitute for hard work bro. You should lose some weight on your own and get your workout routine and diet in check for a while before starting the juice.

    How much of each do you have? IMO, you are too young to use steriods . Use the clen and get an ECA stack... do a search, I've seen some nice clen/eca stacks on the board.

    btw, welcome, your in the right place.

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    What he said

    Also you posted this in the wrong forum bro

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