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    while on a cycle should you...

    i was just wondering out of curiosity. when you are on a cycle i have heard everyone saying to eat eat eat. But when you are on a cycle does it give you increased appetite or do you just have to stuff your face when you eat?

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    It depends on what your appetite is like when your not on. If you don't like to eat, it may not do anything for your appetite.


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    Sometimes you have increased hunger and you have to stuff your face. In my experience, I have had to eat considerably more while on cycle to see gains.

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    My diet doesnt have anything to do with whether or not I am on cycle. I eat what it takes to acheive my goals. I will take an apetite supressent for my next cycle because I will be using eq and it sometimes increased your apetite.

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    Eating has to be the hardest part of BBing. I get soooooooo tired of turkey/chicken/ up and eat/go back to sleep)/wake/ get the idea.............

    Im just venting 10 years of force feeding........I havent been hungry in I dont know how long.


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    Well... lets sit down and figure it out from the bottom up ... 1 pound of muscle is equivelant to 600 calories. To gain 20 pounds of pure hard muscle in 10 weeks you would have to consume 12,000 additional calories.. which under ideal situations would all go to building LBM. Unfortunatly some of the food you eat is canabolized during digestion (digestion alone requires calories) as well as routine activities.

    So anyway... take that 12,000 calories (from the 20 pounds you plan to gain) and divide it by the duration of the cycle - say... 10 weeks. 12,000/10 is 1200 calories extra per week. 1200/7= 171 extra calories per day. Add in some extra for good measure (since not all digested food makes it to the building process - each macronutrient requires some of it to be broken down during digestion to support the energy to consume it). So we can say the absolute minumum you would have to increase your daily calories to support 20 pounds on LBM (!) over 10 weeks would be around 250-300 additional calories above and beyond your BMR.

    HOWEVER - depending on the type of gear you use some of the calories will be converted to fat - so for this goal a range of around 500 extra calories per day would be more ideal... making adding 20 pounds of LBM more obtainable... and allowing some increase in bodyfat to occur... which there is a high potential of - especialy with aromatizing androgens.

    With proper training, rest and nutrition you don't HAVE to go into a mega calorie diet. The simplist way for you to figure out how much to eat is if you are not getting significant results on cycle, and all other factors are good... then you are not supplying enough calories. Once you are on a steady rate of growth - then you are where you need to be.

    From my experiences - just shoveling food in on cycle will just add not only bodyfat but extra water (esecially when I have consumed too many simple/refined carbs). You should keep track of your progress and judge where you need improvement - whether it be diet, training or simply more rest...
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