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    Need a little help.

    Ok i am takeing 4 50 mg tbs of winni-v per day, have been on it for about 6 days i am trying to cut fat, and have seen very noticable changes already, Should i take a Testestorine pill along with it?( i am basicaly just wanting to cut away all this unnessacry fat) And could you also throw in some good workout cycles. I have been doing 2 a day workouts...i donno if it is just me trying to get the most outta the pill or what but am i over working myself, because i find i run outta exercises to do, and still feel the urge to work out conteniously.

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    i would slack back to no more than 100mg per day...
    and do away w/ the two workouts/day....unless you are splitting your routine...
    ex. chest in the am,, tris in the pm...etc.
    what is your history of workouts and your stats.
    test is a good idea to gain muscle. muscle building will result in fat loss due to the workouts.....let us know what you are able to get your hands on and we can help you.

    imo winny by itself is not to good. fat loss begins in the kitchen bro.

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    SG hit it on the head! also you are most likely overtraining and feel you can go more because of the mentality of being on roids but it will definatly catch up to you!

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    are you taking winnie without test?? Why its a waste bro. Get some injectable test and run the winnie for 4-6 wks. And you are def over training bro.......2 workouts a day?!?!?

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