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    Anaesthetic Side Effects?

    Not sure if anyone on here is in the medical field - but I have a question that I hope someone can help me with:

    I am having surgery on February 26th - knee surgery. I will be given a general anaesthetic as they are not doing just regular arthroscopic. I only got such a quick surgery time as my surgeon had a cancellation and I was standing right there when the call came in.

    Now, I am also currently in week 3 of a 300 mg/wk Deca cycle, and am wondering if there are any dangers to reaction to the anaesthetic - or side effects reported from people who were either on, or just coming off of, a deca cycle. I am only using deca, as I was going to start stacking this week but will not be doing so now. I have not gone for my pre-op at the hospital yet, and will disclose the info - but do I have anything to really worry about?

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    Probably nothing to worry about.
    But I think being honest with your Dr. about AS useage is always in your best interest.

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    When going under general anesthetic I would be completely up front with the surgeon and anesthesiologist.

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    Yeah, I agree. Anesthetics are dangerous drugs. There probably wouldn't be any interactions, but why take the chance.

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