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    prop/winny/ am i gonna shoot it all?

    Whats up all...heres my cycle
    1-6 75mg fina ed
    1-6 50 mg winny ed (this ill drink)
    1-8 100 mg is my problem

    I was only able to get 50mg amps of prop wich means if i wanna shoot this cycle i have to do 3cc's a can i do this?? ive heard only three cc' should only be done in glutes and legs..what do i do for shootin in delts and other smaller muscles??

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    shoot 100mgs of prop and 75 mgs of fina ed...

    glutes (right)
    leg (left)
    leg (right)
    glutes (left)
    1.5 cc right delt/1.5 cc left delt

    then repeat. thats about the best advice i can offer. also, billy bathgate has done ed injections just using his quads... ask him for advice on working that out if you still have any questions.

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