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    bulking/cutter cycle help

    well i have a cycle under my belt prop100 fina75 winny 50ed 8weeks
    so her is my bulker/cutter cycle iv been on since jan 5
    dbol 30mg ed 1-3
    test E 750mg 1-9
    EQ 500mg 1-12
    and week 10 switch it to prop and tren for last 6 let the EQ runout tell week 15 then start pct with hcg
    test prop 100mgED 10-15
    fina 75mg ed 10-15

    ANY help will be greatfull thanx
    J Rock


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    PCT should consist of clomid and Nolv.HCG is used for testicular atrophy leading up to pct,not used during pct.

    Why you asking all these Q's now,wouldn't it have been better to ask before?

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    well i was gonna stick to just the bulking part of it and run it for 15weeks but then i got my hands on some prop had some tren sittin around and thought why not see what other people might think of this why not ask

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    make sure the eq is at e4d..
    and start your pct 13days after last inject.
    u will need pct to be accurate b/c u will be on for 15wks....

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    I'd run it like this
    1-4 40mg dbol
    1-13 750mg Enan
    1-12 500mg EQ

    then drop everything except test, run that at a coasting dose of 500mg for 6wks and then:

    19-26 100mg Prop ED
    19-24 75mg Tren

    I always run test past other compound for recovery reasons.
    The 6wks coaster is for an adaption period; so the body can adjust to the new set point

    I'd use 500iu's of HCG every Mon/Tues from wk 14-26, then jump into clomid and Nolva @ 100mg/20mg for 30 days

    I know it's longer than you planned, but I think you'll find this layout, much more pleasing in the long run

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