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    Sides Effects attributed to prohormones (1-test + 4ad) similar to steroids.

    Hey everyone, I have done a few prohormone cycles with mediocre results. I am now contemplating turning over to the real deal. My question relates to their side effects; in particular their similarity to prohormones. Personally, I have never expereinced any hairloss, acne or any androgen related side effect while using well-over the recomended pro-hormonal dosages. On the other hand I did seem to bloat and become slightly emotional. Could this mean when doing the real thing I would be more predisposed towards estrogen related sides, which I could combat with nolva; or are pro-hormonal side effects not particularly androgenic in nature.

    Basically my question is would my pro-hormonal sides mirror (albeit a weak one) what sort of negative effects I would expereince under the sauce? Personally I like getting laid and don't really like the idea of being covered in zits. :P

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    side eefects are very similar only with more gains, thats why most people who have used the real thing wont have anything good to say about prohormones

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    When I took pro-hormones I got much worse sides than I do from AAS. Not to mention that I didn't gain anything from them.

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    yea pro-hormones are a waste of $$$ in my opinion. i only buy them to have something to explain away my gains. it seems as if they have the same sides as real gear, without the desirable effects.

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