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Thread: workout and AS

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    workout and AS

    i wasn;t real sure where to stick this one because it involves a question about my workout program and AS (so if it should be moved to the workout part let me know or just move it for me). so as of now me and my partner work out 5 days a week one muscle. we were considering picking it up a bit though now. i was wondering if it owuld be best to work out either of these two ways as of now we do the second method with both sat and sun off and then repeat the following week...
    mon- chest/bis
    tues- back/tris
    wed- legs/shoulders
    thurs- repeat mon
    fri- repeat tues
    sat- repeat wed
    sun- REST!

    or #2
    tues- back
    wed- legs
    thurs- bis/tris
    fri- shoulder
    sat- chest
    sun rest
    mon- back
    tues- legs

    just lt me know which one looks better or if we should just stick with what we are doing... i was thinking because of some new supps that maybe lifting more times a week would be ok.

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    i do :

    chest / low back
    shoulders / bis
    cardio / abs / forearms
    back / tris / low back
    cardio / abs / forearms

    take sunday off usually and repeat. i do the cardio b/c i'm training for something completely different than what you're going for. (and for those that ask, i don't do AM cardio b/c i'm not trying to get ripped up)

    * forgot my tris

    ** btw - the weight part (minus the low back) is what BDTR does. i just tweaked it to my needs.

    last year i was supersetting everything - actually got too big for what i need.
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    u dont hit ur tri's?

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    Quote Originally Posted by whiteykauai
    yes he does...on back day,
    yeah i had to edit that in there, hence the *

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    man a couple months ago I tried for three weeks to hit everything twice per week, but those second times around I was just too sore to work the muscles. I wanted to switch it up as well, but it just wasn't workin! I backed off on the volume, but the intensity was still too high I guess. back to each muscle once every 7 days for me, except calves and abs. good luck man.

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    i think you will start to overtrain if you hit routine #1. you might even want to try putting a rest day in the middle of the week and working out a day on the weekend. i will hit lagging bodyparts twice a week for a while but cut down the sets on the second day.

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    I'm a track cyclist so here's what i do. Wouldn't advise doing it or you'll dig yourself into a hole.

    mon-hams,glutes, quads
    tues. adductor,abbductor,hipflexor,calves,chest, arms
    wed-hams, glutes,quads,+4 sets
    Thur-. adductor,abbductor,hipflexor,calves, back shoulder
    Sat-whatevr upper body part isn't sore.
    I ride on average 2 hrs a day as well, alwasy post leg workout though.

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