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    newbie cycle question

    what is the best gear to run with deca 300 if you dont want to run test enth. and want to avoid looking like a balloon in the face? can you run deca 300 by itself? if you run armidex with deca and something else will it help with the water retention? or is L-dex better to run? is it neccessary to take L-dex and Armidex to cut down on water retention almost completely?
    thanks fellas

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    IMO it's not a cycle without test.........if your concerned about watrer retention,look into propionate .

    and yes l-dex will help in water retention.

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    You need test!!! deca is notorious for water retention... add some test e... along with liquidex and nolva, they will reduce water retention. Deca by it self is not a cycle and a bad idea.

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