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    Pre-contest stack.

    I've got 15 wks before show time. This is just the outline for the last 10 wks let me know what you think. This will be a change what is currently being done.
    Current:Test 1300mg/wk
    *******Deca 300mg/ev6 days
    *******D-bol 25mg/ed
    WEEKS 10-6: Test=700 or 1000mg/wk
    ***********Eq =600mg/wk
    ***********Fina =150mg/ed
    WEEKS 6-3:**Eq =600wk
    ***********Fina =150ed
    WEEKS 3-1:**Eq =600mg/wk
    ***********Fina =150mg/ed
    ***********Halo = 25mg/ed
    Last week:**Test suspension=last5days100mg/ed
    ***********Eq =600mg/wk
    ***********Fina =150mg/ed
    ***********Halo =35mg/ed
    Give a little feedback, let me know what you think.


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