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Thread: Methyl 1-t

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    Methyl 1-t

    I've been holding off on my cycle untill I'm a little older. But have Been taking methyl 1-t for about 2 weeks now. I'm a little surprised because I've seen some small gains. The dose has been 15mg a day. I want to continue and up the dose, but the stuff has been making me feel lethargic and tired. Anybody know why this is happening, and is there something to counteract that effect? Also when I do stop taking it how necessary is an anti-estrogen and which one would you recommend.

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    Well, you clearly need some more research and should wait till your older. If your holding off on your cycle you should also hold of on M1T, it will shut you down real are getting tired because most DHT derivatives have that effect and you are not running any kind of test, if I were you, Id stop it immediately, cut your lossess, and spend that money at the supermarket, and train and eat hard until you are ready for a cycle......not a flame, just tryin to look out for you.

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    I definetly got to agree with Igotjuice, in my oppinion before you start any cycle you should completely plan it out. If you don't feel like cutting your losses you could throw in 4ad to help with the lethargy and limp d. I've heard that some people recoment runing a soft anti e like 6-oxo after a cycle, but considering 1-test does not arromatise it doesn't seem like you would need to.

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