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    Question Niacin- serum cholesterol and HDL

    Has anyone used high doses of Niacin, under a docs supervision, to help lower serum cholesterol and raise HDL levels?

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    No but I've used it to flush my system for a drug test. Man that shit burns.

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    why bro u have a cholesterol problem?i went to the docs too the otyher day ,5 weeks after a cycle and he said my bad cholesterol wa up.154 he said he wanted it under 130 ,then he kept on asking me if i use AS i said hell know (but somehow i think he didnt beleive me.)hes good freinds wi my parents thats why.

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    I hear niacin is good at healing skin like scars. I took 4 250mg tabs and had a good time throwing up for 30 min. I think 250mg is max.

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