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Thread: Need advice.

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    Need advice.

    Week 1-4 30mg/day dbol
    Week 1-8 Sust250 E3D
    Week 1-8 10mg/day Novla

    Is it necesary to run the sust for 10 weeks to see optimal gains. I have 6 amps of enanthate on hand and could easily aquire enough sust for two more weeks. This is my first cycle. I'm 5'11" aound 10%bf started at 177 I'm 3 weeks in at 189 (probably water weight). I plan on only one cycle/year. I thought an 8 week cycle would give less side effects etc.

    PCT Three weeks after last shot -no clomid yet, but when I get some
    Week 11 30mg/day Novla
    Week 12 20mg/day Novla
    Week 13 10mg/day Novla
    Day 1 300mg
    Day 2-14 100mg
    Day 14-21 50mg

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    Bro it being your first cycle, drop the d-bol and go e4d with the sus that'll give you 10 weeks. Up your calories and you'll grow.


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