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    Test is Test- Good Read

    I saw this over at AB, builds upon the theory I read in Anabolic 2002 a while back i, I happen to agree with it, but do acknowledge that there are different reactions to diff esters....enjoy

    i read this on SM ,and thought some of you would enjoy the read ..ITS FROM A GOOD MOD OVER THERE INTIMID8OR3

    I know we have heard this for years but but it seems
    many users "even the old timers" Find a hard time
    understanding the concept of them being the
    The only difference in PROP, ENATHATE AND
    CYPIONATE is the ester attached to each one ....the
    ester makes the steroid disolve poorly in water but
    well in OIL..This gives the steroid fat like
    properties making So after its injected its low
    affinity to disolve in water will make it take longer
    to be absorbed in the bloodstream....

    The injected roid
    can sit dorment for days even weeks before the body is
    fully able to utilize it...a loose rule of thumb is
    the larger the ester is the larger percent of fatty
    acid will be in your compound.....and the more fat
    like the compound will be...

    ACETATE for example is a
    short ester of only two carbon atoms and extends
    steroid release for only couple of days ...acatate
    componds need to be injected sevaral times a week in
    order to keep blood levels steady ...DECANOATE on the
    other hand is a long chain ester with eleven carbons
    and is capable of delivering its steroid to the blood
    over a peroind of three weeks or
    more.....phenylpropionate is an exception to the
    rule,it contains nine carbon atoms but not the classic
    straight chain you see with most esters its structure
    gives it a moderate level of oil-soluability and
    extends the steroid life for only a couple days longer
    than acetate.......

    Each ester gives you a different
    option .....for example you can inject 100mgs of prop
    and you will get most of that hormone into your body
    within a few days by the time youve had your third
    shot maybe the middle of your second week you probably
    already have 200mgs of active testosterone in your
    body are likely to notice the anabolic affects
    of a drug like this pretty quick.......If you were to
    take the same 200mg in the form of DECANOATE you'd
    still be waiting for it to kick in making it take an
    extra week or two for your cycle to kick in .....But
    after a few shots the difference between the release
    intervals becomes irrelevant ,,,You will ultimately be
    getting the same amount of testosterone into your body
    with either drug.....

    IT IS VITALLY important to
    understand that once the esterfied steroid is released
    into the bloodstream ,enzymes will remove the ester to
    yield the active "free" steroid again...the compond is
    totally inactive until this happens ,the presence of
    the ester prevents androgen receptor binding ....your
    muscle cells will only see free active testosterone
    not an esterfied compond like propionate ...

    existence of so many different steroid esters has
    spawned quite a bit of misinformation about these
    componds among bodybuilders,who tend not to understand
    that the ester only controls the release not the
    some incorrectly believe each form of test
    has its own unique binding properties we are
    constantly hearing things like take test prop during
    your cutting cycle it will produce less water
    retention then enathate or cypionate "or" sustanon is
    better because it hits four different steroid
    receptors ,not one ...when you understand mechanism in
    which esters work you immeditaly see the flaw in this
    line of thinking .....

    How can propionate possibly
    cause less estrogen conversion if it yields the same
    free steroid than enathate??"
    the free testosteron
    circulating in the blood doesn't know or care how it
    got there and behaves the same way testosterone always
    does" ..this info comes from our guru Llewellyn which i
    tend to concur with most of his views.....

    2 CARBONS freguency of inj 2 to 3 days ,,PROP 3
    carbons freguency of inj 3 days .......ENATHATE 7
    CARBONS Freguency of inj 1 week...cypionate 8 carbons
    freguency of inj 1 week,,,DECANOATE 10 CARBONS

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    Thanks for the read!

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    Good read - test is test. Although the ester attached determines how much free testosterone you get per mg (minus the ester's weight) as well the pattern on how it is released. Just need to administer to keep even androgen levels...

    To add to your info here is an article by Bill Roberts:

    "This is important. If testosterone itself is given in oil solution, it transfers too easily from oil to the water in the blood. The result is that an oil injection of testosterone gives a sudden spike in testosterone levels , which rapidly drops. Injections would be required at least twice per day, and perhaps even more often. Improving the oil solubility and decreasing the water solubility slows this transfer, and extends the half-life of the drug to several days or more.
    The number of carbons also has a small effect in that it reduces the parent drug’s proportion of the total weight. E.g., it would take 344 mg of testosterone propionate , or 401 mg of testosterone enanthate to give the same amount of testosterone as in 288 mg of testosterone suspension ..." Anabolic Steroid Esters

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    Thanks for the info!


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    nice read!

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    This was a good read. I just saved it to my hard drive.

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    I agree test is test. The ester is what determines how much you got in what amount of time as mentioned. This is why with cyp and enan you'll get a higher build up of test and prop you blood concentration don't get as high. This is what causes water retention the build up.


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