I'm currently on the sixth week of a bridge, doing GH @ 4iu daily. I have been having the worst joint pain of my life the last few weeks trying to lift. I'm not talking about the usual wrist problems or carpal tunnel stuff either. I've been at 10 iu ed when "on", without those probrlems. No matter how lightly I warm up, or how many light sets I do, I have terribly shoulder and elbow pains, to the point that I just can't work up to any decent weight. I'm not a newbie, having been on and off cycle for the last 15 years. The pain is worse than anything I ever had, even when on 100 mg winny ed. I don't want to start deca , as I want to get my endogenous test levels back to normal. I am taking the usual OTC stuff (MSM, etc) as always. Does anybody have any ideas?