ello bros how ya all been? just felt like posting after reading for hours here and replying to some old posts. how many of you here only like to juice it up b4 summer to look ripped while working out through the year natrualy? you dont realy wanna get big u just wanna look good not into that arnold kinda look? honestly thats me i just prepare for every summer day dreaming how it would be to walk on that go**** beach with my shirt off lol. feels good. i been away from bodybuilding and the gym for about 4 months i think i posted b4 when i first started reading here again. what i relized is you cant stay like this for life unfortunally one day you will have to drop all ur **** quit the game suggest working out natrualy and healthy. it aint worth the stress on your body for the long run. maybe a nice light cycle b4 summer is alright with a good pct. im looking up at doing an test var cycle in june. wont be starting my cycle no matter what untill i reach my desired weight natrualy. feels kinda better that way. i was just thinking what kind of test should i be taking.. i always say no to propionate coz i hate being a pin cushion. hows a test enanthate 500mg/wk controld by liquidex and anavar for a summer cycle? i know u guys would be like go ahead add some fina add some winny or whatever but i am a firm believer of dieting and cardio so i dont really rely on those cutting drugs. maybe only 1. anavar. i talk too much? yeah i think so lol. so honestly i aint looing for massive gains in my next cycle just lbm will make me more then happy.

i done cycles in the past.. simple cycles and i was satisfied with all fo them except.. that one time last summer when i decided to give eq a try lol. im soo prone to aneixity that it seriously messed with me. i was even scared to look at that **** eq vial again. only if there was primobolan depot around and cheap i would be using that **** for life lol. i worship that drug and anavar too but mostly primo. do they still make it? or is it out of production? yes im talking about schering (the best of the best)

alright now ill just shut up but b4 i do... i want to say good luck to all of you hope u get what u want... but please play it safe if u feel something diffrent thats very unhealthy drop ur gear it aint worth your life. life aint a game to play with. once again good luck.