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    Question My new cutting cycle, is this too much???

    I have changed my cutting cycle to the following:
    Weeks 1-9 500 mg sust 250
    Weeks 1-9 400 mg deca
    weeks 1-4 100 mg prop eod
    weeks 6-11 75 mg fina ed
    weeks 7-11 50 mg winny v ed
    cycle clen and eca weeks 1-11
    week 12 carb up and rest and photo shoot on sat.
    This is my first cutting cycle and I have done 2 bulking cycles before, 25 mg d-bol ed, 200 mg deca weekly for first cycle- 25 mg d-bol ed, 400 mg deca and 500 mg sust 250 weekly for second cycle. I plan to start this cycle in March As it will take me this long to get it all in. This cycle is also going to cost me over $1,600. (that damn winny is expesive as shit and the weakest thing I m taking) this also incudes Western Union Fees, shipping cost, and anti-e's, clomid. Is it worth it.
    23 yrs old
    245 lbs
    12% BF
    6 yrs training
    I am looking to keep all muscle mass and maybe add 4-5 Lbs of muscle but to also to get to 5% or less BF. I have doing a cutting diet before but natural, I got really cut but I felt I lost to much Strength and muscle. Again I am going for the Muscle Media type build , If I am any bigger they will not shoot me. Any comments or suggestions will good. thanks

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    $1600 someone is buttfucking you on prices for sure...The cycle looks good, I hope you have some arimidex on hand....goodluck...

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    Arnold Zane is offline New Member
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    I looked at the black market prices on the anabolic review site and thes prices are pretty much in line with them. How much would you have to pay?

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    zane...i have to go with muscleup on this looks to me like a $500 cycle with some gear left over at the end......

    this may be a fair price, because i don't know which brand of gear you are getting or form who (and don't need to know who)....

    list the brands you are getting and we can give a better idea if you are getting ripped off or not......

    big difference in price between vet and human gear.....viper

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    Bro, you GOTTA go with the man's winny. That will save you $200-300 easy. Arimidex can also be purchased, as well as clomid, nolva, sust, deca , tren , hell....whatever the **** you want.

    Like Arthur said "Get the expensive stuff" from him. IE: arimidex, winny, anavar .

    Cheaper stuff can be bought from whoever you normally get stuff.

    I'm just looking out for you, because i am running a similar cycle minus the tren, and my cyc isn't 1/3 of that.

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    Arnold Zane is offline New Member
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    Oct 2001
    Here are the brand

    Deca - Norma 200mg- $14
    Sustanon -Organon 250 mg $13.50
    Prop-Ferring 100mg $8
    Clen -Monroes 30 tabs $22.50
    Winny-Zambons 50mg $14
    I ve orderd from this source before and I know its legit and its the only source I have found that isnt on a scammer list. I also get 300 fre d-bol with this amount that Im ordering.

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    Originally posted by Arnold Zane
    Winny-Zambons 50mg $14
    Try ** tabs... @ 50 mg a pop. You'll shit when you see how much! I don't want to be responsible for you having a heart attack.

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