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    What is the best cycle for.....

    I was wondering what would be the best cycle for a boxer and or cage fighter. I have used winni v and it works good I recover fast and it is out of my system before compition. Does anyone have any other cycles or suggestions>

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    I just asked this same question not too long ago... do a search on boxers/ fighters... theres a lot of info on this

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    Ive looked on the search but found nothing

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    TREN . Crazy strength and muscle hardness. ONly thing is, the drug detection time is about 5 months. Good luck

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    Whats "TREN "?

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    Trenbolones And Derivatives

    Trenbolone is a derivative of 19-Nortestosterone (Nandrolone ) and one of the most powerful and considered effective AAS in existence today. It is a fact that milligram for milligram, Trenbolone was more effective for aiding muscle mass and strength augmentation than any testosterone .

    Some once dispute this by claiming 3 ML (Milliliters) of testosterone cypionate weekly would produce greater mass and strength gains than 3 ML of Finabolan weekly. And they were correct in a weird bodybuilding sort of way. First off, 3 ML of most brands of testosterone cypionate would provide 600 mg of that drug, whereas Finabolan or a Fina Kit would provide only 225 MG of Trenbolone per 3 ML.

    Second; there is the issue of water retention/weight. Trenbolone does not aromatize and testosterone does. So a significant portion of weight gained during testosterone use is water weight, which of course did have its place and benefits during personal specific protocols. However, 1MG per pound of body weight weekly of Testosterone Cypionate (600 MG for 200 LBS) administration did result in Trenbolone as the victor for lean mass gains.

    ... And gains were more permanent! Trenbolone is a very high androgen drug.

    Notes POSTIVE Effects Of Trenbolone

    Amazing anabolic qualities.
    Rapid high quality lean tissue gains. (Dose dependent)
    Maximum post-cycle lean mass retention.
    Low-none water retention.
    Increased Erythropoies (Red blood cell production)
    Does not aromatize to estrogens.
    Superior strength and mass gain. (Lean)
    Extreme hardening of musculature and vascularity.
    Excellent protein sparing/anti-catabolic qualities.
    Reduction in fat stores and favorable distribution.
    Increased metabolic rate.
    Low-moderate HPTA function inhibition.
    Significant increase in muscle glycogen synthesis.
    Increase creatine phosphate (CP) synthesis.
    Improved muscle insulin receptor activity.
    Remains anabolic during calorie restricted periods. (High protein intake remains necessary)

    Notes NEGATIVE Effects Of Trenbolone

    Liver and Kidney toxicity.
    Growth of prostate tissue. (PSA test is wise)
    Male pattern baldness. (Accelerated genetic predisposition)
    Mild hallucinations. (High dosage -prolonged use)
    High blood pressure.

    Finaplix/Finabolan (Trenbolone Acetate)

    Active Life: About 2 days
    Drug Class: Anabolic /Androgenic steroid (for injection)
    Average Reported Dosage: 1-3 ML (30-90mg) every one -to- 2 days
    Acne: Common
    Water Retention: None
    High Blood Pressure: Common
    Liver Toxic: Very
    Aromatization: None
    DHT Conversions: None
    Decreases HPTA Function: Moderately

    Description: Finaplix and Finabolan are both non-legitimate pharmaceutical products. They are manufactured in underground labs of questionable means by crushing up 20 MG pellets of the cattle implant steroid Finaplix-H and dissolving them in a solution before suspension in oil. Each of the Finaplix-H pellets contains 20 MG of Trenbolone Acetate and is implanted into cattle using an implant pistol. (Do not try this at home. OUCH!). However, the black market products I encountered did contain 30 or 75MG/ML of Trenbolone Acetate and were sold in 30 ML vials… usually.

    Trenbolone Acetate has an active-life of about 2 days. Since it is short acting, most male bodybuilder injected 1-3 ML every one -to- 2 days. Though some did use as much as 120 mg daily. Administration seldom exceeded 6 weeks.

    Most considered Finaplix to be as effective as Parabolan . The drug was often used pre-contest for its hardening effects and questionable fat metabolizing qualities. The drug is highly androgenic, does not aromatize, and it remains anabolic even in a low calorie/high protein environment. The strength gains and post-training recovery realized during administration was “remarkable”. Quality lean mass gains were considered to be excellent and superior to those experienced from Masterone or Deca .

    Trenbolone Acetate is highly liver and kidney toxic. For this reason, athletes reportedly consumed at least one gallon of water daily during use and used milk thistle during and after cycles. Gyno was not a problem with Trenbolone since the drug can not readily convert to estrogen. Prolonged or high dosage was said to lead to dark urine, and in some cases, blood in urine.

    Trenbolones have a very high affinity for androgen receptor-sites. For this reason, the drug will inhibit other AAS from binding to muscle cell receptors adequately. It also means balding is quite possible if an athlete was genetically predisposed to a receding hair-line problem.

    Due to Trenbolone possessing very high androgen receptor-site affinity qualities, most athletes realized best results when stacked with drugs that are not dependant upon the same mode of cellular activation. Dianabol , Winstrol orals, and Anadrol -50 were common choices. Some athletes reported excellent results with few side effects when they had opted to stack Trenbolone with high receptor-site affinity drugs such as Nandrolones. Another preferred option was multiple stage type Max Androgen Phases. (See "Building The Perfect Beast", book two of this series)

    An interesting aspect of all Trenbolone products is their apparent unique ability to permanently shut down existing cortisol receptor-sites. This explains, in part, the exceptional post-cycle lean mass retention realized after protocols utilizing Trenbolones were discontinued. Since Trenbolones are a derivative of Nortestosterone (the active drug in Deca), it should not have been a surprise to realize such exceptional results.

    A potential quality of Trenbolone was its ability to alter cortisol receptors during and after use. The result was cortisol inhibition to some degree on a "semi-permanent" basis and subsequent favorable alteration in the anabolic /catabolic ratio.

    Hope that helps.

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    Are you worried about detection times or just want to know a good cycle w/quick recovery?

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    halo/tren /prop will turn u into an animal ready to strike, good in the gym and ring, bad in the home up to you bro

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    Tren .... I just started it and it's really strong. I've done deca , eq, all test's and nothing compares to fina. It may be a bit too strong for me though. i fight as well but fina has hurt my performance. It makes me too mad to fight well. (oh and my girlfriend despises it cause i am such a dick now.)

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