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    Smile A Good One-off Cycle?

    I am quite new to anabolic steroids and am looking for some advice. I am about 6'1 and weigh around 185lbs. I am looking for a one time cycle to give me a little boost. I took dbol for about 4-5 weeks about a year ago but because of my lack of post cycle maintanance I lost most of what I had gained. Therefore, I would like to know what would be a good one off cycle and what would be good post cycle therapy to accomodate the cycle in order to keep most of the gains.

    I was thinking about taking 250mg per week of sustanon for about 8-10 weeks and then reverting back to creatine to get back into the natural fold. From reading most of the posts on this site, I see that a lot of people recommend clomid as a good post cycle drug. If I were to start a 10 week cycle of sust, when should i start the clomid and in what doses?

    If there is a better one off cycle that you guys know of complete with a good post cycle maintanance program which is efficient in maintainig the gains then I would be very greatfull for your advice.

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    Here is a possibility:
    Test Enanthate for weeks 1-12.

    PCT- 2 weeks after last shot of test...300mg clomid day 1, 100mg clomid day2-10, 50mg clomid day 11-21.

    I would run 10mg of nolva ed during the cycle, but some people will say just have it on hand in case symptoms start. I like to take it throughout the cycle and if i do see symptoms i will up the dosage. You should continue to take the nolva throughout the pct.

    hope this helps and you might get other suggestions too.

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    enanthate would be a better choice..

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    I think we have another "I am only gonna do 1 cycle" guy. OR maybe I am reading it wrong

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    Quote Originally Posted by damiongage
    I think we have another "I am only gonna do 1 cycle" guy. OR maybe I am reading it wrong
    check the link on my signature... it will tell you all you need to know about a good first cycle... good luck

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