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    Thumbs up A good one-off cycle?

    I posted a similar thread about 5 minutes ago but i'm not sure whether it got posted or not. So just incase it didnt get through, here it is again:

    I am looking for a little boost and am therefore asking you guys' advice on what would be a good one off cycle complete with a good post cycle regime in order to maintain most of the gains. I am not looking to use steroids on a regular basis and this is why I am looking for a one off cycle. I took dbol for about 4-5 weeks about a yr ago but lost most of what i had gained due to a lack of a good post cycle program. I am about 6'1 and weigh 185 lbs.

    I was thinkin about doing 250mg of sust for 8-10 weeks and then going back to creatine to get back to the natural fold. From reading a lot of posts on this site, I have noticed that a lot of people seem to recommend clomid as a good post cycle drug that is efficient in maintaining the gains.

    If I were to start a 10 week sust cycle as suggested above, then should I use clomid afterwards? If so, then when should I start the clomid and in what doses and for how long?

    If anyone has a better one off cycle complete with a good recovery program then I would be greatfull for your advice.

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    Bro - no flame - but there is so much useful info in the educational threads you should really try reading it - lots of good stuff and it is all free

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    Never run dbol only, you will never keep those gains, also, read up in the ed forum for "PCT" and sustanon .

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