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    smoking pot during your cycle

    I have seen some questions about drinking while traing, but what about a little THC. I am not a big smoker but on occasion. I can't see it being any good but is there a reason I should stay away from pot while on a cycle.

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    Your OK if it is a once in a while thing.

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    Swellin Guest
    Bro, this has been asked almost as many times as "Can I drink winny." This site has some very strong moral character, and as such, it is frowned up on to mention recreational drugs here. Many of the previous threads may have been deleted.

    Now that I have responded as "An upstanding citizen of AR," here's the skinny...many guys use a little mj to come down ON OCCASSION. The sides from the mj can interfere with your training, though. The increased hunger is fine, but you usually satisfy that with junk...not good. Also, lethargy can become a problem with mj, as with AAS....compound the two and you may get off the couch as often as Homer Simpson.

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    I wouldnt do it at all, on cycle, or off cycle, smokin' mj can reduse your testosterone levels if smoked often enough, now theres a good reason not to do it right there. As well as other sides that are obviouse.

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