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Thread: Minocyclin

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    can you take this acne med while on juice?

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    I usd it, but it did nothing for my acne

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    Yes, Minocycline works by supressing oil secretion by the sebacious glands (sweat and oil glands). It reduces the amount of oil your body produces. Yes it will work but there are several factors. First how long have you been on it. It takes several months for it to work to its full potential. Amount of dosage taken daily. How bad your ance is before you stared taking it. If taken in conjunction with a topical medication like benzaclin it will be far more effective. And if you were ever on accutane minocycline tends to be more effective than if you never took accutane. I would say its the best oral acne med you can get underneath accutane.

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    I took Minocyclin before and it did nothing for my acne at all....

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    I used it for 10 years with some results at first then it wasn't that effective... I stopped for 2 years, I'm now back on it with good results so far (2 weeks). I use even if I'm on primo/anavar cycle... It is an anti bacterian, I don't see why I woukd not use it while juicing...


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