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Thread: Clen and Sports

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    Question Clen and Sports

    Hey guys. I am varsity athlete at the collegiate level. I was just wondering if taking clen and participating in a sport would be hazardous? I have done a lot of reading on clen. and are familiar with what it does and its sides. I just wanted to get some feedback from those who have used it while participating in intense activities.

    I know athletes are told not to take ephedra (which I am sure many of you might disagree with) but I was wondering how an ECA stack differed from clen and if you guys think it would ok for me to take? Thanks so much for your time.


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    It makes me cramp up like a monther ****er but if you drink alot of water dont see anythin wrong with it... also heared people getting shortness of breath/?

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    should be fine, be careful of drug testing though, if you have any questions on it, ive passed the ncaa drug test while on juice, feel free to email me

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