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    Boldone Boldebal-h

    Ive been taking 2 ml every otherday . I did GANABOL before (also a EQ)
    according to most info, bothe are similar the GANABOL for cows(from COLUMBIA) and the BOLDEBAL-H for From US
    but since my GANA was finito and I got my hands on BolDEBALH-H
    Ive been doing mutch better. I feel the shit better and swet a lot.
    Get real aggressive from it (althow it's said that is not common)

    The appetite is also stimilated.

    What about the german stuff for dogs? anyone done that befor? and
    What is your thought on EQ wouldn't you RATHER HAVE BOLDEBAL-H (S4) than Ganabol???

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    bro eq is eq ok?other then the ml strength its the same,to make it easy for u ganabol (50) and maxigan (50)=SAME SHIT.

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