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    Question body fat and test only cycle

    This buddy and I were debating today about a test only cycle. He claims that it really does not matter what body fat % u are at in order to do a test only cycle, as u can always cut after he says. I have always thought that your bf should be at 15% or lower. I have no idea where i got this number from, but for some reason it came to my head. What do all u guys out there think? Is there a staple for what you should be before a test cycle?? Thanks Fuller

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    There really isnt a staple to where you should be body fat wise...but obviously you want to try to be as low as you can. Some people put on some bf while on test because of water weight. Others, such as one of my close friends, lost some bf while on test400 and deca200.

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    dont forget bf is a major source for aromatize activity so the test u r using is more than likely to cause gyno if u have a high bf%

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