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Thread: good cycle?

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    good cycle?

    Hey just wanted to show you my 2nd cycle and ask a question or 2.
    Im 5'9 205 @24%bf
    looking to gain some cuts and mass
    Test Enth. 250mg/wk 10weeks
    Eq. 600mg/wk 10 weeks
    primo. depo. 200mg/wk 10 weeks
    nolva. ED 10mg 20mg post for 2 weeks
    proviron 25mg post/2 weeks
    clomid 300mg/day 1 100 day2-7 50 day 8-14
    clen 2 on 2 off post

    is the recovery cycle long enough or sould it be 3 weeks and do i start 2 weeks after last shot or 1 week.
    Thanks for the input.

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    First off I would drop your bodyfat to atleast 15% before starting. 24% means you are a quarter of your body is fat, which is alot! The PCT is not long enough and it starts 3 weeks after last eq shot and 2 weeks after last test e shot. So stop the Eq a week earlier. BUT that is not a good cycle, you wanna run the EQ longer then 10 weeks and the test higher then the EQ.

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    Yeah you really need to lose the wait and re think the cycle like consistency said. Maybe you should diet first.

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    Like everyone said bad cycle bro....if you want to lose bf AS arent the answer....look at diet/cardio and think about some clen ....test should be run higher than EQ, and EQ should be run for 12 weeks....also 200mg/wk of primo is a waste imo....rethink that cycle bro...

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