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Thread: Little swollen

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    Little swollen

    Yesterday morning I did Test Cypionate from ttokkyo at 500mg (2 1/2 cc's) and my leg is hurting just slightly...but the thing that I am worried about is that around the area that I shot it in is swollen like it usually is when I put Test400 in it. It is not red and it is not as painful as T400...but is this normal?


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    Re: Little swollen

    Originally posted by SWOLL UP
    Test Cypionate from ttokkyo
    your problem lies with the gear you have. the ttokkyo products are noted for their higher content of alcohol (like 10 %), so it's gonna hurt where ever it goes in...try the glute...more cushion...

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    Try injecting slower as well it may help,but no pain no gain!!

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    welcome to ttokyo cyp!its the benz. alc. that they put init for sterility.u ssid it hurt slightly?damn when i did it the the second after the hit it cripplied me for like a week,no joke,i had to sleep on my the way whet lot# is it maybe it the good batch.

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