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    Clen question.....

    Well first things first, I am new here and this my first post, so I must say greetings to you all! This is a nice board with tons and tons of great information, hopefully I can learn alot from you all as well as help another out if needed.

    So with respects paid first, here's my question, when using clen it's good to go 2 weeks on 2 weeks off because it looses its anabolic and anticatabolic effects after about 2 weeks right? But I've read it doesn't loose it thermogenic effects for about 6 weeks, so if someone was using it for fatloss, I'm guessing you can use clen for a 6 to 8 week cycle without a break? I've gotten mixed answers on this so I would like to know your opinions.


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    The main reason you stop is because you build up a tolerance very quickly,so after 2 wks you would switch over to an ECA stack for 2 wks then go back on clen again.I'm not a big fan of clen ,so others will chime in with better answers than mine I'm sure.

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    I like clen , I was running the super clen. was cycling it 3 weeks on 1 off because of the ketophen in it. Makes you shake really good. It worked really well, 4 days into the cycle I hurt my foot kickboxing but kept on the clen. I couldnt run and didnt do much conditioning for the duration of the cycle, but i still lost about 4% bf in 3 weeks. I would definately reccomend it for fat loss and I made the mistake of jacking my diet a little when I came off, so I added some bf back on, not much though.I did notice a big increase in strength, about 10%.

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