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    Question do legal steriods sometimes called (steriod alternatives) or (herbal steriods) work

    I was wondering if anyone has experience with legal steriods in particular a legal version of HGH called hg compound in a tablet form it is $33 for a months supply and claims to be the next best thing. Ive seen various different types of HGH alternatives and steriod alternatives like the one advertised on this site, these are a lot cheaper than illegal steriods but are they a con and is it worth buying them?

    Does anyone know if these alternatives work and what the effects are? ive heard mixed things about them. I want to buy Deca -Durabolin or HGH but they are more expensive i don't know whether to trust a website incase its a scam, so i thought an alternative ordered from the web would be a better chance of being ligitimate and less costly and also less risky of getting conviscated by customs as i live in the UK and virtually every website that sells these products is based abroad.

    Last of all i need to lose 10 pounds of fat and also gain lean muscle and strength as i have started boxing training and the gym- any suggestions of whats the best for me, i thought a combination of deca or dianabol and Cytomel would be my best bet, if the legal route turns out to be a scam.

    Anyone have any answers or opinions on the above? thanks.

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    first i gotta say welcome to AR now this is a site that we all come to learn so just pop up on the search take your time and you'll find the info u want, if u get stuck post your question then we can help u out good luck!

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    Alot of people have conflicting views on pro hormones and such.... i personally have never tried them

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    if pro horomoes and steriod alternatives worked (or worked well) then no one would use real steriods ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by animal-inside
    if pro horomoes and steriod alternatives worked (or worked well) then no one would use real steriods...
    Some supplements/herbs do work. Its just that you usually get what you pay for. ie; hydroxycuts definately effect me, and i can feel their presense. Does that mean they are as good as a winny/clen stack? Probably not.

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    i've used PHs in the past and i think they work to some degree.....when i took it i noticed that i leaned out a little ( i also uped my working out a bit and think i started to eat a little cleaner too but they gave me a dfinite boost.. as for how they actually affect your body i don;t know.... i have heard that many experince similar sides to AS without any results so i think its really a crap shoot... supposedly M1T works pretty well btu you need to get nolva and clomid for it i believe,.

    please do a search and you will see how deca only is not advised for anyone, especially a beginner.... just go and read the forum and you will see a whole bunch of cycles that have only test... (for a reason) do some research and youll figure out whats the best

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