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    Pinched a Nerve!!!

    Hey guys..well it is week 4 and my test just started to kick in and here I am in the gym going through my workout..feeling really strong and then as i'm curling a nerve in my lower left part of my back just knotted up!!

    So i'm on some dope drugs to dull the pain and hopefully i'll be back in a week at the most! Anyone got any good advice on how to speed up the recovery process??

    Wk 1-14:Enan 500mg
    Wk 1-13 EQ 400mg
    Wk 10-16 Win 50mg EOD

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    That sucks bro I have a pinched nerve on the side of my neck. When I shave the right side of my face goes numb.

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    I just did the same thing, 6 weeks into my cycle. Two weeks ago I had a 500 deadlift, and yesterday I couldn't pick up 225.

    I would go get checked out, make sure you didn't mess up a disc. An injured disc could take months to heal.

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