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    Excited About Fina What Should I Stack!

    hey bros quick question about the fina. What is the best stack for it? I kno i should take test but which one and how many mgs? Also is there anything else I should add to it such as dbol ect.

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    100mg prop 75mg fina ED

    That's what I would run.

    But I think you need to do some more research first. prop/fina is a hellacious stack, and not for first timers. Not saying you are, but by asking that question it makes me wonder. Read up bro.


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    Supply more info.

    1) How much Fina do you have
    2) What are your goals
    3) Past cycles
    4) Current Stats
    5) Is your girlfriend hot
    6) If so, post pics.

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    Depends if you are looking to bulk or cut. A lot of people would recommend test proprinate stack with fina because you should shoot both ED or at the least EOD, so you can just combine them and shoot them together. Might as well use prop if you are going to be injecting ED with the fina to begin with. The test prop also makes for less water retention than enan and cyp. I wouldn't add dbol because the prop and fina will take into affect rather quickly.

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