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    Help with my cycle

    I have all my gear but need to know how to utilize it to its best potential. If you can help me out. Products include.

    50x anadrol 50mg
    10x sustanon 250
    50x winstrol 50mg tabs
    10mL QV enanthate 250mg
    10ML QV Deca 300mg
    50x Clomid

    Thank you for your help

    Ps. should i split these up into cycles, this gear was all given to me so just trying to put it all together. I want to bulk up then lean out later. I am 6'0 and weight 191lb.

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    goals, stats, cycle exp....this will help in helping you plan a cycle...

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    do some research (firts cycle, newbie, pct, nolva, clomid) but if youll be smart, youll save 80% of what you have for your 2nd and probably 3rd cycle..

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    well im benching 285lb max right now, would like to break 300lb. I work out in the gym 3 days a week. Monday chest/triceps. Wed. Back/Biceps. Friday legs. i spent maybe 1to 1 1/2 hrs during workouts. My goal is to break 300 as stated and to bulk up size then lean and cut it up later. Ive used past cycles of (deca , D-bol, and test) and had great result. If you could plan out a cycle for me or split it up into two or three cycles and tell me what else i need to add. Thanks

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