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    "Off Time" injecting 200mg every 3 wks

    Is it a good idea when finishing a cycle to inject test cyp or enth. every three weeks to maintain and keep the gains. Then stop when I am ready to start my next cycle.
    Does this make you next cycle less effective
    Does you body get used to it
    I am planning on only taking 8 wks off so it would only be a max of 3 injections
    Tell me the truth, is this a good idea and is it worth it.

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    Some people do that its called bridging between cycles. But i would do it 2x aweek and just lower the dosage. If you do it every 3 weeks your blood levels will be on a roller coaster

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    i dont think that is good for newbies! you need to recovery after a cycle...

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    Quote Originally Posted by fabry
    i dont think that is good for newbies! you need to recovery after a cycle...
    Fabrys absolutely right. Bridging is not for a novice user, but someone who has been using for awhile. Even still, I think you should recover from every cycle or your asking for long term problems.

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    You will not recover if you do that so it is kind of pointless. If you have decided not to recover at all and are going on HRT you should probably talk to a doctor.

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