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Thread: hlep please

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    Question hlep please

    if i run 1cc test enth. every 4th day at 250mg/ml then should i run EQ of 200mg/ml at .75cc every 4th day? if so im looking

    wk 1-4 dbol 30mg ED
    wk 1-12 test enth every 4th day
    wk 1-11 EQ every 4th day
    wk 1-12 nolva 10mg
    wk 13-15 nolva 20 mg ED, clo. 300/100/50, prov. 50mg ED
    thanks for any input

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    Once again, starting another thread to get your question answered is not the way to go. This site fluctuates with viewers... give it a chance, someone will answer the question. Sorry!

    Yes, you will be fine running those compounds at the dosages you want to run. I myself don't think you will need the Prov. Just personal opinion. But if you want to use it, go for it!

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