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Thread: winny question

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    winny question

    i kno winny wont get u much size and is good for helping keep muscle and hardening up but how is the strength gains on winny? in the profiles it says its good for strength gains but i never hear anyone talking about that on here. and no i do not plan on running a winny only cycle im not that dumb. thanks for the info

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    I didn't notice an increase in strength from winny. Actually it was quite the opposite. I couldn't lift heavier weight cuz my joints would ache and my head felt like it was going to explode. That was at 50mgs a day by the way.

    Some guys on the other hand have had good success with winny at higher dosages above 100mgs. I think there few and far between though.

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    I am scared of winny bc I have trouble with my shoulders as it is. I can't even do flat bench or military press. I have to do decline and arnold press' instead so I'm gonna stay away from the winny.

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