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    I think I got scammed on my Upjohn???/pics

    Hey bros,
    I was recommended a so called good source from both this board and another through the mods. I ordered my Upjohn Test Cyp and I think what I got is bunk. The bottles aren't original, the tops are crimped, etc. I found a pic on this board of a guy who has the exact same bottles. Everyone says its fake, a few guys say its legit, it was just spanish imported. Heres the link, please take a look

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    Looks fake to me. I get UPJOHN Cypionate directly from the pharmacy for HRT, it looks nothing like the pics you've posted. There are pics in the steroids pics section of legit UPJOHN Cyp.

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    Thats fake unless they drastically changed the bottles since ive used it. Pm me the name of the source to satisfy my curiosity.

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