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    Need help with 3rd cycle

    Yo bros....!

    My cycle history looks like this

    in oct 03 I started a 10week bulking cycle of enathe 500mg ew 1-10 and dbol 30mg ed week 1-4. I gained almost 30 lbs with a 5% fat gain.

    I'm now 5 weeks into a cutting cycle of 600mg prop ew 1-10 and winny tabs 50mg ed week 5-10 also clen and effe cycled two weeks each ll the way. I've cutted down from about 18% to 13% and looking to get down to 10-8% at the end of the cycle. I'm 5ft10" and 210lbs at age 20 now

    After this I want to stay pretty lean through the the summer and I'm thinking of doing a sust 750mg ew cycle for 12 weeks starting in May to maintain my mass and add some lean mass maybe. Perhaps trow in some dbol the first 4-5 weeks.

    By some strange reason I don't bloath anything from dbol so thats nice, and I was thinking of starting arimidex when the sust kicks in to stop bloath.

    so the summer cycle would look like this
    1-12 sust 750 ew
    1-5 - thai dbol 35mg ed
    5-12 arimidex 0,5mg ed

    Does this sound wise? I know it would be better to run other things really but it's a mather of money.

    My main goal is to join a show in Oct 04 and be in really good shape, but I also want to look lean through jun/jul/aug. So some kind of semi bulking with the sust cycle through these months.

    So A total cycle plan to Oct 04, I was thinking of

    Finish cutting cycle in April
    Sust cycle starting in mid May and finish in mid Jul.
    Then start a new cutting cycle 8-10 weeks out of contest, like mid Aug.

    Need opinions bros... !

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    Where is the time off bro?
    You starting cycle after cycle at age 20, with less than 4 weeks between, not a good idea.

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    yeah i would atleast do 10 weeks off because of your age...

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    take a rest and then think of something more like this.

    test. (skip the sust and get something easier like prop or ene)
    l-dex for bloat and gyno

    nice lean cycle there

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    jepp.. I don't see any rest there! If you are running cycle aftre cycle I don't think you would get much from them after a while !

    Good luck anyway bro !

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    okey I get it hehe .... maybe take a slower approach then..

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