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    1-AD with Sust / D-bol

    Ok bros heres the deal before u discount 1-AD (1 Test) heres my expereince with it i ran a little 4 weeker couple months ago i didnt notice a lot of mass gain i would say about 5 pounds however it hardened me up real good and gave me some wicked vascularity. Im naturally quite vascular but after 1-AD it enhanced it further. I am pretty lean as it is, in the 1 digit body fat range. A lot of bros in the gym were commenting how lean and vascular i was so it must have worked good.

    Anyway since then i turned to the dark side and did a cycle of deca dbol which worked well. gained about 15 pounds kept 10 solid.

    Soon im planning a 10 weeker on sus250 ( 1st time running test) with d-bol as jump start. I have 2 bottles of 1-AD lying around. Heres what im thinking
    1-10 Sus250
    1-4 D-bol 25 mg
    8-12 1 - AD 300mg a day
    12-14 Clomid PCT

    Before u comment on doses i grow really well on low dose and i dont feel i need to up it at this point. Please dont comment on using 500 test instead as i know i will grow well from this. Last cycle on 200-300 deca and 20mg d-bol i grew really well. Maxed out 10 pounds heavier at the end, lean muscle no water.

    The question is would 1-AD be a good addition at the end to harden up from the test and d-bol. I could run winny but ive had an injury recent and it will not be good for my joints.

    From my expereice with 1-AD it works well for hardening up and adding vascularity. Any bros feel the same> by the way i know ph are not worth the money compared to the real deal but i might aswell use the 1-ad as i have it.

    thx in advance

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    stats mid 25 5"7 160 7-8% bf

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    I really dont see the need for prohormones in an AS cycle. I also wouldnt run the AD so close b4 the clomid...How long is the half-life of AD??

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