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Thread: winstrol liquid

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    winstrol liquid

    I just got a bottle of winstrol liquid and was wondering if it's as effective as the tabs. Also was wondering if just taking winstrol would give me any results, and what kind of cycle I should use. I'm a first time user.

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    first time user taking winstrol - don't expect huge gains.

    if you want some decent gains (15 pounds or so), run some Test Enanthate or Cypionate 10 weeks @ 500 mg's week and use PCT - see how your body reacts. Have your diet in check before you go into your cycle.

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    if you are serious about using steroids you should spend some time educating yourself about them. This is the place to do it. Read the educational forum and members cycle results. also check out the drug profiles on the main page. You arent going to get many helpfull replies asking questions like these because we get them countless times a day. Use the search button on top right and punch in winny only, etc.

    The liquid is just as effective, winstrol is winstrol.

    welcome to ar

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    I serioulsy think to be allowed to post on here you should have to take a simple quiz and ask question like whats a good first time cycles, ask about deca only cycles, and something about if you can drink winny etc!!!!!! I am gettin sick of these... just my opinion

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    Winny only will only give 5-7 pounds and a lot of aches and pains getting it. Plus its everyday injections and expensive. Liquid works better then tabs in my opinion.

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