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    question about training

    now that im taking 500mg test and 400mg deca weekly is it ok to work each body part more than once a week because i usualy give each body part about 5 days to rest. also i have nolvadex should i be using it or should i wait til theres a problem then start taking it?

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    i'd stick to your normal lifting routine..give a muscle at least 5 days rest is good..i think if you do anymore you won't let your muscles rest enough to far as nolvadex some guys say take it throughout but I don't experience any sides like gyno so I don't take it unless I need it.

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    While it is harder to overtrain while on it is still possible. I have found that what works best for me off cycle still works best for me while I am on cycle.

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    I was JUST making a thread asking the same question!

    The drug profile for Test Enanthate says that if you are on it, you can work out twice a day for several hours ...6 days a week..

    Now, when you're not on AS, then you try to limit work-outs to 1.5 hours max...preferably 1 hour or less. So it's obviously different when you are on AS?

    My question is...does this mean that you don't need to rest your muscle for a whole day before working it out again? Let's say I did my chest on Monday...can I do it again on Tuesday if I am on Test? Will my muscle regenerate that quickly?

    What are the rules on how long and how much extra you can work out because you are on AS? I looked for a thread on this, but didn't find anything EXACTLY answering this question.

    I remember on my first cycle, I felt that I could work out for hours and not get tired...but would that turn catabolic or be over-training? Some advice from the gurus of AR...

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    As much as you want to stay away from overtraining, I think you can add to the frequency or at least tweek your lifting patterns a bit. I've noticed that since being on I can stay in the gym for quite a while and as hard as I go at it muslce sorennes is not much of an issue. We just have to be careful of the masking ablility that the gear might have and be careful not to risk injury or setbacks.

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