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Thread: Epo

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    Does anyone know if It would be worth injecting EPO just one time say a big track meet??
    Would that be about like blood doping?

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    NO. I'll give you a scenario though.

    Hematocrit level is 45 (average is 42-51)
    Male, 190 lbs. 1500 i.u. of Procrit 3xweek for 3 weeks would raise your hematocrit level to 48-51. They have 28,13,and 7 day tests for EPO. If you test positive for a 28 day test your not guily. Then you have to take the 13 day and 7 day tests. So you can cycle on your procrit and raise your RBC count, cycle off of it pre-contest and pass your tests. You'll lose some RBC's but will still maintain alot of them.

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