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    Why are sources doing this?

    Why is it that so many sources international and domestic have their own websites? Whether it be sites or even .com (and I'm not talking about your usual fake/scammer website), these are some very solid and respected sources, to me this just seems like a bad idea.

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    Figure feds probably already have their email address and probably are already trying to track down most of the guys anyway. Why not make as much money as you can before you get popped. I mean there is no way to determine that ALL of their buyers are legit and not feds. There is no way to filter it out like that.

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    most of the sources who have web-sites are off overseas usually hosted in developing countries where you can get a .com pretty anonymously; few US based sources for example get a web-site because it's too easy for their local law-enforcement to follow it back to them..

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