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    Unhappy This Sux

    hey, i am in the middle of my cycle and last night my friend and i decided to box....well, i think i strained my bicep while boxing!!! i'm pretty sure thats what it is becasue i've starined my quad and hamstring before and its the same pain..maybe even a little worse...its swollen and hurts really bad when i extend my arm out...anyway, last night before i went to bed i iced it a lot, but i dont think it helped at all becasue when i woke up this morning it felt even worse...there is no way i can do any lifts besides squats and leg machines....what should i do??? stop totally, save the rest of the juice, and start PCT?? how long do u guys think this strain will bother me?? what should i do??

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    Well since your in the middle of your cycle i would hit legs hard I would squat as much as I can and maybe the strain will get better and you can work other body parts again. Thats just what I would do since your so far into the cycle and its probaley kicked in by now, btw whats in your cycle? Thats just me but others may stop all the way but I had a smiliar sitaution happen to me last year and I finished my cycle up and couldnt hit legs cause I broke my ankle.


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    It's a blessing in disguise, work those wheels to massive proportions till the bicep heals.

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