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Thread: Cycle help?

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    Cycle help?

    Hey ppl i'm new and this is what i'm going to do.

    First my stat:
    Lifting exp:2 year's on / off
    B/F: 18%

    I've did a Eq cycle b-4 but nothing serious, so consider this my first real Cycle

    !-8 : Deca ...300mg
    1-4 : D-bol...25mg/day
    4-8 :Winny...50mg/day
    3 day last injection : Clomid...100/50/50
    Nolva...on hands

    Any suggestion would be appreciated

    Note: Should I add some test (I'm on a low bugget)
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    626 basically your wanting to run 17aa's for 8 weeks....not the best idea bro....

    stick with the basic:

    test / deca / dbol for bulking or
    test / deca / winny if you want more of a cut

    and you know that diet will play a big role in whether you are bulking or cutting......

    test is cheap, so if you can afford dbol and deca....test shouldn't hurt your pocket that much....viper

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    Mass into Cutting

    I like you're cycle plan- I have done a lot of research on gear and a few cycles so far. What I have heard (and anyone else who studies) is that a lot of pro's just switch back and forth between contest cyc's and bilking cyc's never ending the drug use. This is common knowledge- however, one can still do something of similar nature within healthy guidelines. Like a 2 month cycle with the first month consisting of mass and second of cutting agents.

    Week 1-8 deca @ 300-500mg per week

    Week 1-4 d-bol @ 20-50 mg ed
    Week 1-4 test @ 350- 750 mg per week

    Week 5-8 fina @ 75-100 mg EOD and/or
    Week 5-8 winny @ 50mg ED

    Week 5-8 T-3 (starting w/ 25mcg then up to 100mcg and back down)
    Week 9-10 Clomid @ 2 tabs ED
    9-10 H.C.G. @ 5000 i.u. per week (if fina is taken)
    Week 11-12 Clomid @ 1 tab ED

    This is the cycle I am on right now (week 6) minus the test in the first month. I have lost about 5% bf and have added on 15 lean lbs, no bloat.

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