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    when should I start winstrol tabs

    Weeks 1-8 Sustanon -400 400mg/week
    Weeks 1-5 Tren 50mg ED
    Weeks 6-10 Tren 100mg ED
    Weeks 1 -14 Eq-500 500mg a week

    I want to lose weight for spring break and was wondering if winstrol tabs would help. I have read that most people waned everyone to start them at the end of a cycle. But How many mg a day? (mine are 2mg a tabs but i can get stronger) And when should I start.I am on week 4 and was wondering if I should start thte win tabs soon?

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    Winstrol Tabs

    I don't know how experienced you are but with that much Tren , adding 2 mg tabs of winstrol would prove futile. If you do want to add the winstrol, I would go at least 50mg every other day. How are your results so far? Lot of water, I would guess.

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    That cycle is set up bad. It should look something like this:

    Weeks 1-14 Sustanon -400 500mg/week split over EOD injections
    weeks 1 - 8 Tren 75mg ED
    Weeks 1 -14 Eq-500 500mg a week
    1 - 17 L-dex .25mg ED
    1 - 17 Nolva 10mg ED

    PCT start 3 weeks after last SUS or EQ injection. Clomid / Nolva / L-dex

    If you diet and do cardio then this cycle will give you the results you want.

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    Winstrol won't necessarily help you lose fat. Nor will any other steroid . Diet and cardio come first. Steroids only help you if you put in hard work.

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    I like Mud's cycle, but since your trying to cut down I would go with
    prop/fina/winny/t-3/clen .

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    Quote Originally Posted by MBaraso
    I like Mud's cycle, but since your trying to cut down I would go with
    I agree w/ Mud's also... what does you food look like..... that is what is going to determine if you are cut or not at the end of your cycle..

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