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    Adjust or not Adjust...that is the question...

    Adjust or not Adjust...that is the question...

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- thought I would run this past you guys....

    what do you think..... when dieting and you start w/ a set amount of cho/pro/fat & calories... as the weeks go by and you check you BF% / Lbwt, should you shift you pro/cho/fat intake for your new BF% / Lbwt??? ..or just leave it where you started. I would just leave it for 12 weeks and not adjust... but I'm thinking I should.... any thoughts?

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    You'll get answers if you move this to the diet forum.

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    my planning has always been on the fly. when i experiment during cycle i use 3 week blocks as a gauge for change.

    my best gains have came after adjusting because one will never be the same physical composition after a cycle. it is inevitable that you will put on size and you may need to adjust your macro ratios to fit your goals.

    for example, if i was bulking i would aim for a target consumption of kcals each week and if i had not gained anything after 3 weeks i would know that i need to increase to fully benefit.

    if it ain't broke, don't fix it...if it is, then you have some planning to do.

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