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    Should I get some liquidex...

    hey bros,
    Im talking nolva 20mg ed, and just started some proviron 25mg ed, for my cycle of prop, test enth and tren ,
    have a bit of soreness in my nips, which is why I started on the proviron, but I dont know if I should get some liquidex also,..would this hinder my gains...I even started my nolva at 20mg a week before my cycle started just to have it in my system...

    any Ideas....


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    Nolvadex seems to keep the bloat off of me by itself, i have never combined both nolva and proviron throughout the cycle. I would say that liquidex would not be needed, or if you were going to buy some anyway then drop the nolva to *as needed and completely drop the proviron, then just use .5ml of liquidex ed.

    Up to you really, but i'll bump for more responses!

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