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    what up ya' going to start my first cycle march 1st. a friend of mine tried this stack with great success. Its 8 weeks... 300mg EQ and 50mg winstrol inj eod--end with clen ...supposly a good cutting cycle.. im 230Lbs looking to shed approx 15-20lbs fat.. (this stack is also in A/R's recomended stacks for novice)...any comments??

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    The stuff on that page is OLD.

    AS will not make you lose bf your diet and cardio is what will do it.

    We need stats: age, weight, training

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    I replied to this question in the welcome forum. That information is out dated on that page Snooch as Mud mentions. Also we need stats. Dont do what your friends tell you or did. You have to ask yourself...where did they do there research? Test is the base for every cycle. It's done like this for a reason. I suggest doing some leg work on this site and use the SEARCH button up top and type in cutting cycles or something similar. Do the research and learn about AAS and stacking. Then come back for a critique.

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    How are you gonna lose 15-20 pounds of fat by taking EQ and winny? Neither of them will burn fat. EQ will actually make you hungrier. Diet and cardio are the only ways to lose fat. Wheres the test?

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